In response to the current coronavirus crisis, the New Carlsberg Foundation has established an extraordinary fund of DKK 30 million for the Danish art museums. The fund is earmarked for grants to help mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 with a view to realizing or modifying the art museums’ public programmes. Read more. 

Flexible fund

The extraordinary fund is not subject to the same requirements as the foundation’s other funds:

‘The extraordinary fund for Danish art museums will be characterized by a high degree of flexibility. We are going to keep an open mind with regard to the specific expenditures the funds are intended for. The key priority is to help the art museums get back up and running as quickly as possible,’ says Christine Buhl Andersen, chairman of the board.

Application deadline, statement of interest and procedure

The deadline for applications is Monday, 1 June at 12 noon.

NB! In order to expedite the process, art museums that plan to apply to the extraordinary fund are kindly requested to send a brief statement of interest to the foundation by Monday, 27 April to:

Submitting a statement of interest is not a condition for applying to the extraordinary fund.

Applications to the fund will be processed at an extraordinary board meeting on Tuesday, 9 June. Applicants can expect a reply soon after the meeting.

How to apply?

Applications to the extraordinary fund must be submitted via the New Carlsberg Foundation’s application system under the category Other purposes included in the foundation charter. Read instructions.

What should the application include?
In addition to basic information about the applicant and budget in the application form, the application should include the following supplemental information in the form of attached documents:

  • A description of the intended purpose that the application pertains to, its importance and perspectives for the museum, including, for example, initiatives and adaptations of public programmes that would increase the museum’s self-generated revenue.
  • Overview of the museum’s economic situation in key figures, including information about operating government subsidies, grants from foundations and self-generated revenue in 2019.
  • Preliminary estimate of anticipated economic loss as a result of COVID-19. Information about received or anticipated economic compensation from the state or municipality as a result of COVID-19-specific initiatives.


NB! About the foundation’s other grant areas

The extraordinary fund is made possible by a historically high annual result from Carlsberg A/S. This means that the allocation of the extraordinary fund will not affect the foundation’s other funding areas. Applications to the extraordinary fund will not affect the individual art museum’s ability to apply for other funding from the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Danish art museums can still apply for ordinary grants from the foundation, including grants to support purchases of works of art. Read more.