The New Carlsberg Foundation has no specific application form or application deadlines, as the board reviews all received applications on an ongoing basis, approximately every third week. 

Next meeting 1 May 2019

Please send your application to the foundation’s address by e-mail:


The New Carlsberg Foundation has no specific requirements to the application format. As a minimum, however, the application should include:

  • A comprehensive presentation of the purpose to which the application pertains.
  • A clear indication of the project budget.
  • A specification of what is requested of the New Carlsberg Foundation.
  • Whether applications for the same purpose have been submitted to any other foundations, and if so, which.
  • In case of publication grants: the publisher’s estimate and marketing plan.
  • Contact information for the applicant(s). If the grant is approved, the amount will be payable to the applicant(s) stated in the application.