Claus Hagedorn-Olsen, Horsens Art Museum
Carl Jacobsen’s Museum Professional Grant of DKK 150,000

From Chairman of the Board Karsten Ohrt’s speech at the award event:
‘Claus Hagedorn-Olsen is recognized for an outstanding, persistent and sustained effort as head of Horsens Art Museum during the past 34 years. He has always placed art centre stage and believed in it, and he respects his audience without ever talking down to them. Claus has consistently followed some of our most important contemporary artists and has thus competently renewed the museum’s collection. Last, but not least, he has avoided being swept up in detrimental mergers and has unfailingly carried the banner for art, artists and art museums.’


Anette Harboe Flensburg
The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Artist Grant of DKK 100,000

From board member Morten Kyndrup’s speech at the award event:
‘Anette Harboe Flensburg’s paintings combine the impalpable qualities of a dream with a gaze that frames a moment in time with perfect precision, turning this gaze into our gaze. That is far from simple, whether in its impact or in the creative process, but she makes it look simple. And that is an outstanding accomplishment – and impressive in its insistent independence. Anette walks, and has always walked, her own path.’


Kaspar Bonnén
The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Artist Grant of DKK 100,000

From board member Stine Høholt’s speech at the award event:
‘We need artists like Kaspar Bonnén – an artist who never stops wondering about the nature of the world and his own place in it, but who also never doubts the role of art as an important generator of meaning. We celebrate Kaspar today for his ability to combine a restless collage strategy with an intense sense of intimacy. He demonstrates, time and again, that painting is not simply a space-generating process but a way to process our way of sensing and recollecting’


About the New Carlsberg Foundation’s Art Awards 
Brewer Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the New Carlsberg Foundation, was born on 2 March, and every year, the Foundation marks the occasion by celebrating Danish art at a reception attended by fellow museum professionals and artists in the Assembly Hall at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. With the art awards the Foundation recognizes individuals who make a special contribution to the Danish art and museum landscape. The bestowing of an award briefly transforms many years of hard and persistent work into an event in the moment. 

The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Award Event is an annual celebration of the Danish art scene. Appreciating and highlighting the achievements of artists and museum professionals over time benefits the Danish art scene at large, and thus, the award events are a natural element of the Foundation’s work.