The New Carlsberg Foundation supports pictorial art, industrial art, architecture and landscape gardening. Pictorial arts should be understood in the broadest possible sense, that is, including expressions that connect with related art forms and contexts.

Art museums

Upon application, the New Carlsberg Foundation grants funds for acquisitions of art to Danish museums and for acquisitions of Danish art to museums abroad.

The foundation only provides grants for exhibitions in special cases, for example by supporting the publication of a catalogue in connection with a joint exhibition project involving several museums.

Decorative projects

The foundation regularly purchases works by artists from Denmark and abroad and donates/lends these works of art to public institutions, schools, hospitals, public spaces etc.

The foundation engages actively in the development of all decorative projects that it funds. Thus, pre-planned projects where the artistic premises have already been determined (for example by external consultants) will generally not be considered relevant endeavours for the foundation.

Funding will not be granted for decorative projects where the artist has already been chosen.

All institutions that receive a work of art receive a letter stating the terms and conditions for donated works of art. Read about the terms and conditions for donations.

Art research

Grants for PhD/postdoc employment and individual research projects are only provided based on specific announcements from the foundation.

The foundation supports art research through publication grants and grants for research trips. All publication grants are given under the condition that the book is published within two years from the approval date for the grant.

The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

The New Carlsberg Foundation contributes to the operation of the New Carlsberg Glyptotek but does not cover operational costs for any other museums or institutions.


The foundation does not normally fund artists’ production of works, study trips or exhibitions.

No explanation is provided when applications are rejected.