For the next six months, one of the world’s most prestigious art venues is on Danish hands. With the total installation One Two Three Swing! the artists group SUPERFLEX has created an interactive exhibition that invites visitors to Tate Modern to reflect and act on global challenges together.

Playground with an agenda

One Two Three Swing! meets the visitors with an overwhelming setting: a 770-square-metre carpet covers the huge concrete floor of the Turbine Hall. Thick, soft and in a rainbow palette mimicking the colours on British pound notes, the carpet invites relaxation and comfort – underneath a huge, shiny pendulum swinging hypnotically from the hall’s industrial ceiling.

One Two Three Swing! energizes and activates the visitors to the gallery. In contrast to the stunning entrance to the installation, SUPERFLEX has set up a swing factory at the opposite end of the hall, and a large number of three-person swings invite the visitors to get together to activate new communities and new energy with the potential to challenge the status quo. During the exhibition period, the swing factory produces more and more swings, which eventually move out of the Tate Modern and take over the urban space outside.

Supported by the New Carlsberg Foundation

The SUPERFLEX exhibition is accompanied by a large catalogue, which the New Carlsberg Foundation funds as part of its ongoing effort to promote international studies and dissemination of Danish art. In addition to research-based articles, the catalogue also contains extensive photo documentation of the exhibition and thus will not be published until after the exhibition opening.


The artists group was founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen and Rasmus Nielsen. Since its inception SUPERFLEX has addressed our current reality in concrete terms. In projects with a social and collective perspective, the group engages social and political situations directly. Thus, SUPERFLEX’s diverse projects range from biogas production, beer and fizzy drinks to films and installations.