With the appointment of Jacob Wamberg, the New Carlsberg Foundation welcomes an exceptionally knowledgeable art historian with visionary perspectives on art and its role in society.

Since his appointment to professor at Aarhus University’s Department of Art History in 2004, Jacob Wamberg’s main research focus has been art’s relationship to nature and technology in a broad art-historical context. Jacob Wamberg has extensive experience with research training, grant and funding processes and research leadership and has authored, co-authored, and edited numerous books and academic papers. 

In a comment on the appointment, Majken Schultz, chairwoman of the Carlsberg Foundation, which is responsible for appointing the members of the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation, says,

“Jacob Wamberg has a strong and relevant profile in art history that complements the New Carlsberg Foundation’s board excellently. He has extensive and wide-ranging experience with scientific art research and with the responsibilities and activities of boards and foundations. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I appoint Jacob Wamberg to the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation. I also want to thank Morten Kyndrup for his outstanding contribution during his 16 years of service for the New Carlsberg Foundation.”

Christine Buhl Andersen, chairwoman of the New Carlsberg Foundation, says,

“It is a genuine pleasure for me to welcome Jacob Wamberg to the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation. Jacob Wamberg’s inquisitive, knowledgeable, and dialogue-oriented approach will greatly benefit the work of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s board, and his strong qualifications and research background make him a highly competent board member. I look forward to working with him in the service of the arts.” 

On the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation, Jacob Wamberg replaces Professor Morten Kyndrup, who served as a board member from 2006. As of 1 January 2023, the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation comprises Christine Buhl Andersen, chairwoman of the board; Lisette Vind Ebbesen, director of Art Museums of Skagen; Stine Høholt, director of Kunstmuseum Brandts; Toke Lykkeberg, director of the exhibition venue Tranen; and Professor, Dr. Phil., in Art History Jacob Wamberg.

About Jacob Wamberg

Jacob Wamberg was born in 1961. Since 1996, he has been employed at Aarhus University, where he was appointed professor in 2004. In 1991–94, Wamberg was a PhD scholar in the Department of Art History at the University of Copenhagen. In 2005, he earned the degree of Dr. Phil. based on his habilitation thesis Landscape as World Picture.

About the New Carlsberg Foundation

The New Carlsberg Foundation was established in 1902 by brewer Carl Jacobsen and his wife, Ottilia Jacobsen. It is funded by dividends from shares in Carlsberg A/S. To this day, the New Carlsberg Foundation continues to realize Jacobsen’s vision of making art available to the widest possible audience. The members and chairperson of the board of the New Carlsberg Foundation are appointed by the board of the Carlsberg Foundation following prior negotiations with the acting members of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s board.

About the Carlsberg Foundation

The Carlsberg Foundation was established by brewer J. C. Jacobsen in 1876. The Carlsberg Foundation is an industrial foundation that supports basic research within the natural sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. The main source of funds is dividends from the brewery Carlsberg A/S, of which the Carlsberg Foundation holds a controlling interest.


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