1. The application undergoes pre-qualification at the foundation office. In special cases, the office may contact the applicant to request additional information.

2. The office submits the application for review at the first upcoming board meeting. The three members of the board each receive a copy of the application about one week prior to the meeting.

3. Only in rare cases does it take more than a month from an application is received until it is reviewed by the board.

4. At the meeting, the board decides whether to approve the application. In case of doubt, the board may contact the applicant for additional information.

5. Shortly after the meeting, rejection or approval letters are sent to all applicants.

No explanation is provided when an application is rejected. 

If the foundation takes an initial positive view of an application for a decorative project, the applicant will normally be notified by letter that one of three board members will make an appointment to visit the institution at a later time. At this stage, however, patience is required: It may take some time before the visit is scheduled. In part, this is due to the foundation’s need to manage the number of concurrent projects by completing ongoing cases before taking on new ones. However, once a visit has been made, the project normally proceeds without further delay ‒ unless, of course, the visit results in a decision not to approve the grant.