The purpose of permanent loans from the New Carlsberg Foundation is to promote awareness of an interest in art. Works of art are therefore lent to places with public access where the art is going to benefit many people on a daily basis. This purpose should be considered by the applicants in connection with the specific placement of the objects within the institution. 
Works are to be hung/placed in a dialogue with the New Carlsberg Foundation. Works that are on permanent loan from the foundation may not be placed alongside other works of art without the foundation’s consent. 

Maintenance and insurance
The recipient is responsible for keeping the works under appropriate conditions. The New Carlsberg Foundation must be notified of any changes to the conservation state of an object, any damage etc. The foundation will then assess the extent of the damage and the need for repairs. The recipient bears the normal maintenance costs for objects on permanent loan. The foundation does not provide grants to cover these costs.
It is the recipient’s responsibility to insure works on permanent loan; as a matter of principle, the recipient is liable if works are subject to vandalism, fire, theft etc.

Lending, selling etc.
Works on permanent loan may only be lent to others with the foundation’s consent. Lending works to museum exhibitions can be arranged directly with the museum without the foundation's consent. 
It is not allowed to sell the works. 

Changes to the original conditions underlying the loan
The foundation must be notified of any changes to the original conditions underlying the loan/donation, such as restructuring, changes in name, closure, mergers etc. Such changes may lead the foundation to revoke the loan and recall the object. In case of changes affecting the placement of an object, the foundation should be notified and provided with photo documentation of the new placement.

Recall and return
Loans are generally considered permanent; thus, it is not possible to return an object or to have it replaced with another. In exceptional cases, however, the New Carlsberg Foundation may choose to recall works that are on permanent loan. This may occur under the following circumstances: 

  • If works are deemed to belong more appropriately in a museum. 
  • If the recipient fails to maintain the work or live up to other obligations associated with the loan.  

The loan is associated with an obligation to find appropriate ways, in cooperation with the New Carlsberg Foundation, to provide informative communication about the art, both internally within the institution and externally.

Loan audits
The New Carlsberg Foundation carries out loan audits on a regular basis. 


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