By donating works of art, the New Carlsberg Foundation aims to promote awareness of and interest in art. Works are therefore mainly donated to places with public access where the artworks may contribute to this purpose.

The foundation requests the recipient of a donated work of art to acknowledge receipt of the piece in writing. This written statement should also acknowledge that the donated piece may not be transferred, lent or moved without the written consent of the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Donated works are to be equipped with the note ‘Donated by the New Carlsberg Foundation’.

Maintenance and insurance 
The recipient is responsible for placing the work in a safe and appropriate environment. Any minor damage to the piece must be remedied by the recipient. In case of irreversible changes to the conservation status of the works, damage etc., the foundation must be notified. Costs associated with day-to-day maintenance fall to the recipient.

In cooperation with the New Carlsberg Foundation, the recipient is required to find relevant ways to promote information about the piece, internally within the institution as well as externally.

Returning a work of art
The donation of a work of art is considered a permanent arrangement, and generally, it is not possible to return donated works of art.

Changes in the original conditions underlying the donation
The foundation must be notified of any changes in the original conditions underlying the donation, such as restructuring, changes in name, closure, mergers etc. Such changes may cause the foundation to revoke the donation and recall the object.


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