In his characteristic playful style, HuskMitNavn has created six large murals at the upper secondary school Høng Gymnasium og HF. The murals are painted directly on the walls of the school and offer warm and humorous reflections on teenage life. The decoration is a donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation.

‘We chose HuskMitNavn, because his art expresses an irreverent joy of life that he is ready to invest in the social arena. And with his potent and colourful murals at Høng Gymnasium og HF really hit the mark. They draw us in with their warm and funny stories about student life. Precisely because they highlight everyday life, the awkward and the naive, his works turn traditional art hierarchies upside down and speak to our hearts,’ says Stine Høholt, member of the New Carlsberg Foundation.

The school’s head of education, Peter Lorentzen, who has followed the project from the beginning, is also pleased with the result. ‘It’s great to have some colour on the walls. Education and culture should go hand in hand. HuskMitNavn has painted students and teachers in the hallways and captures everyday life at Høng Gymnasium og HF brilliantly.’

About HuskMitNavn
HuskMitNavn is an anonymous artist with roots in street art. For years, he aimed his spray cans at urban surfaces and facades. Later, HuskMitNavn received widespread recognition, and in recent years he has exhibited frequently in museums and galleries in Denmark and abroad. The decorative project at Høng Gymnasium og HF, however, takes him right back to where he began: outside the frame – and directly on the wall.